Big data is a fashionable buzz phrase, but the general public has not yet grasped its sheer scope. The aim of UPDATE is to change this. Big data is changing medicine, transport, retail, industry, security, the way we communicate, science and journalism. Above all, however, it is changing the way in which we work, communicate, consume and learn.

In tune with the current debate, the authors develop concrete positive and negative scenarios reflecting individual facets of life. The advantages and disadvantages of our world of data are illustrated in numerous case studies. In extensive interviews, decision makers from the worlds of politics, science, journalism and business have their say.

Because big data is usually brought up in connection with data security and espionage, many people feel it does not affect them. Even experts do not realize that big data has long since entered all parts of society and influences our lives every day.

UPDATE brings the concept of big data to life. The authors reflect on the role of global corporations, politicians and the ways in which citizens can still exert influence. Furthermore, UPDATE also draws conclusions and develops the concrete steps necessary for forward-looking societal debates.

UPDATE aims to initiate a debate in society on the true extent of big data. The book is based on the expertise of the authors, but also allows people active in politics, science, journalism and business to have their say in a range of extensive interviews.



Why the data revolution affects us all
2015, 254 pages, 19 illustrations
ISBN 978-3-593-50332-5

English Version

Available as EBook
EUR 20,99
Date of publication: 12th of October 2015

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German Version

Available as hardcover and EBook
EUR 24,99 / EUA 25,70 / sFr 34,70
Date of publication: 2nd of April 2015

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